Not bad for a 49-year old ref !
Not bad for a 49-year old ref !

If you want to make sweeping accusations as football manager, better let the facts support you. After all, match statistics are used by managers the world over to evaluate their players to the highest degree. Players can not hide their laziness on the playing field, as big brother is watching with a critical eye, objectively.

These statistics, fair to expect, also form part of players’ performance repertoire if clubs want to buy potential players. A prime example being Argentinian playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme, whos transfer fees, in line with his increased match statistics of percentage passes successfully completed during matches, as well as his obvious refined talent, kept rising from the early 2000’s  as he moved from Boca Juniors, FC Barcelona and Villareal FC.

Juan Roman Riquelme

Alan Wiley, the referee official accused by Sir Alex Ferguson of not being fit enough to referee, ran farther than all but 4 of Manchester United players during the 94 minutes of the game against Sunderland recently, according to statistics released by the PGMOL, the official body tasked, inter alia, with such matters in the English Premiership.

Referee Wiley’s ProZone (see ) statistics show his performance as follows in the game Manchester Utd. v Sunderland

  • Total Distance covered: 11,039.1m
  • 740.5m — High-intensity distance
  • 91.4m — Sprint distance
  • 17 —  No of sprints
  • 8.97m/s — Top speed (metres per second)
  • 17.7m —  Average distance from ball
  • 15.6m — Average distance from fouls  (PS: The English League allows 20m for the Elite referees as maximum.)

Referee Wiley’s total of distance of 11,039.1m was 268m lower than the match average for English Premier League referees this season, which average 11,307m. No slouch for an official touching almost 50 ! If my match statistics looked like anything as above in 8-9 years time, I’ll be proud and happy … very happy.

I believe an apology should be forthcoming soon.

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